January 8 – February 8

Complete Permaculture Design Certification Course

The month-long course will take place at four locations across Maui. Each week we will travel to a different farm so students have the opportunity to experience a range of farming styles and learn from our diverse guest teachers. And we get to see more of the beauty of Maui!

  • Multiple locations around the island
  • Field Trips to different projects
  • Delicious locally-grown organic vegetarian meals
  • College credit for qualifying students
  • Weekends free to explore Maui!


January 8 – March 19

Complete Course + 5-week Internship

The extended 5-week internship will be available to students who want to learn hands-on farming skills, living and working with select farms across the island. There will be internships with the four host farms listed below, and we have other unique opportunities specifically designed to support your interests.

This program is open to all students of any age and from any culture. It will be taught in English, and we welcome students from overseas. We especially welcome any students local to Hawai`i. We welcome students from the Evergreen State College and are working with Evergreen faculty to sponsor students for college credit.

We’ve taken the standard international permaculture certification curriculum and extended it to a month-long integrated studies program that emphasizes hands-on skills, diverse farming techniques, and appropriate technology solutions for low-impact living and working.

We will be working with permaculture designers, organic farmers, native Hawai`ian traditional farmers, and have many local teachers and practitioners joining our core staff every day. Our guest roster includes tropical medicinal plant experts, a high-altitude trout aquaponics business, a local seed saving non-profit, food sovereignty and food security policy makers, and climate adaptation specialists to name a few.

For more information about the program curriculum take a look at our reading and watching list. The website FAQ should answer most of your questions, and feel free to contact us for more details and information.

Mahalo, and see you on Maui in January!


Jenny Pell

Jenny Pell is a full-time permaculture designer, consultant and educator based on Maui, with ongoing work overseas. She has an extensive portfolio of projects large and small that span the Pacific NW, Central America, and the Hawai`ian Islands. She was the lead designer for the Beacon Food Forest in Seattle, co-author of the Future of Maui Regenerative Agriculture Report, and has been teaching permaculture for 15 years.

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Jenny has expanded the standard international permaculture design curriculum to emphasize skill-building, offering hands-on projects every day. Her courses are at least 50% outside the classroom! She is a dynamic and engaging teacher, and always assembles a stellar team of local collaborators who round out the program, drawing from their vast experience.

She specializes in profitable diversified organic farming, edible landscape design, tropical agroforestry, and facilitation for project governance and management. Jenny is now studying Climate Science Adaptation Strategies, focused on how to build resilience using permaculture.

Listen to a recent podcast of Jenny discussing the transition from monoculture sugarcane on Maui to regenerative agriculture.

Evan Ryan

Evan Ryan is an agricultural landscape consultant, designer, farmer, project manager, author, and educator. His focus is applying permaculture systems to production agriculture, utilizing holistic land care practices to nurture resilient environments rich in clean air, fresh water, nourishing food. and community. He has been learning and practicing permaculture since 1998 in Hawai‘i, California, Colorado, Central and South America and has extensive experience working with Indigenous agroforestry practices.

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He is the founder, director, and designer of Pono Grown Farm Center, a non-profit organization focused on agricultural education with a mission to increase the connection people have to the land, and empower them to better care for it. This diverse 15-acre commercial farm in upcountry Maui is home to a vibrant internship program, extensive vegetable gardens, hundreds of fruit trees, chickens and bees. The farm is solar powered, relies on rainwater harvesting and runs its tractor on locally produced biodiesel.

Evan is the author of Hawai‘i Home Gardens: Growing Vegetables in the Subtropics Using Holistic Methods, a permaculture based guide to vegetable growing. As an avid seed saver, he is also a co-founder of the Hawai‘i Seed Growers Network, spearheading the seed saving movement throughout Hawai‘i with workshops, seed and plant exchanges and most recently starting an online marketplace for local seed growers.

Spencer Oneal

Spencer Oneal is a northwest native, and lives part- time in Hawai`i practicing bio-dynamic farming and sustainable agriculture. He graduated from The Evergreen State College in Conscious Business and Sustainable Community Development discovering new holistic ways of living. He has lived and been involved in intentional communities and eco-villages throughout the Hawai’i and Central America. Spencer travels regularly helping to manage, produce and support conscious and transformational festivals including Envision, Lightning in a Bottle, and Beloved.

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He is the owner and founder of multiple businesses including Local Abundance CSA and the Center Of Conscious Oneness. C.O.C.O’s is a developing permaculture farm-based community and cultural learning center in Hawai`i dedicated to social entrepreneurship and environmental stewardship.

Spencer specializes in whole systems design and engineering, creating solutions through dynamic, innovative approaches. His emphasis is in water management, utilizing traditional permaculture methods as well as modern tools and technologies. He is passionate about creating opportunities for people to have profound experiences that result in a greater understanding, awareness and reverence for nature while inspiring and empowering others to act and live in more humble and sustainable ways.

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